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Office Furniture Shopping Guide

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5 Points to Consider When Buying Office Furniture For Your Office (or Home Office)

Buying office furniture for your office or home office  (when you’re working from home) might look easy, but it is not that simple. There can be some limitations when you’re buying it online as the sense of touch and feel might not be available.  

With the presence of online transactions, it has become easier to shop without coming out of your place which is easy, simple and hassle-free, but you should always keep some points in mind before you start with your online shopping for the office furniture. These points will ensure that you don’t make any mistakes and purchase the right product.


The first and most important thing is that you have some knowledge about the product you are going to purchase online and it is possible by doing some research. This may include knowing your requirements and looking for the right product. Do some homework, see your budget, space available for the furniture, what different brands are available etc.  

The research will help you with understanding your requirements and moving in the right direction and making the right purchase.  


One of the parameters to decide on which brand to go with is customer service. You are going to make the purchase online and not visiting the store or meeting any sales executive in person. All you’re seeing is the company’s or brand’s website.  Customer service plays an important role of bridging the gap between the company and you. See how easy the experience is for you, how your questions or queries were answered or solved, how comfortable you’re with the entire process, research about the company, its service standards, feedbacks etc. All this will help you with the replacement, warranty, repairs etc. as well.  


Reviews play very important role in the online shopping. Always check for reviews before going for the final purchase. It’s wise to see what other people have said about the product, people who’ve used it or are using it. What is their experience with not only the product, but the after sales services as well? This will really help the entire process of selecting the right brand and right product very simple and easy and you won’t spend much time or end up buying the wrong product.  


No matter what we buy, where we buy it from, what is the mode (online or offline) we all care about the warranty we will be getting on the product. It’s important to be aware of the warranty the product comes with, clauses etc. Even in a single product there can be different warranty on different parts or components of it. For example, if you’re buying a height adjustable table or sit and stand desk, it might come with different warranties for its mechanical and electronic parts.

 We at Ergosphere Ergonomics sell different types of height adjustable tables and chairs to setup your office and you get warranty of 5 years on the mechanical parts and 3 years on the electronics when you purchase height adjustable tables. 


Shipping is yet another parameter that should be given utmost priority at the time of purchase. The company might not be in your vicinity, the cost of shipping and return demands consideration here, as some vendors might not add it in the total or overall cost. You as a buyer will focus on the overall cost and see if it fits your budget, so check the shipping and return costs (if there are any) as well before making the purchase.  

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