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Duokids DR-280 DDS – The Most Ergonomic Chair for Growing Kids

Before you ask your child to concentrate on studies, there is a primary role for a chair to do! It should be able to adjust according to the shape and size of your growing kid. Duorest Junior Chairs have height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, foot rest height adjustment and dual backrest system to make any child comfortable for long sitting hours.

  • Adjustable height by Gas Lift.
  • Adjustable seat depth to support any body size from 3 year old kid to young adults.
  • Adjustable height footrest to make little child comfortable.
  • Dynamic sitting, dual backrest system distributes body weight equally on both sides of the spine, reducing pressure on spine by up to 50%
  • Dual mode rotation lock. Lock the rotation to concentrate while studying, unlock for other activities.
  • Weight sensitive wheel locks with dual mode. Empty chair moves even in locking position, wheels gets locked only after sitting.
  • Synthetic Leather for high durability and easy cleaning.

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