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Duorest Leaders DR - 7500G

Ergonomic Chair

Knee-Tilt Ergonomic Chair
Dynamic sitting experience made more comfortable with center-tilt movement with tilt lock


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Duorest Chairs logo

Duorest Leaders DR - 7500G

Ergonomic Chair


inclusive of GST and Shipping

Knee-Tilt Ergonomic Chair
Dynamic sitting experience made more comfortable with center-tilt movement with tilt lock

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Improve Your Health

Sitting for more than three hours a day can cut off your life expectancy by up to two years!

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Fix Your

Reduce pressure on your spine by incorporating movement into your workflow.

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Increase Your Productivity

Using Standing Desks and Ergonomic Chairs can increase your productivity by 45%!

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Our furniture is designed for lifetime of abuse. Our extensive warranty offer peace of mind.

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We'll deliver your desk straight to your desktop, free of charge. Orders dispatched next day.

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When you meet DUOREST, No matter in what posture, or movement, you feel comfortable. Based on Ergonomic Technology, Science of Comfort, DUOREST LEADERS


  • Headrest height adjust
  • Backrest adjust (height/width)
  • Armrest adjust (height/width)
  • Tilt tension degree adjust
  • Centre tilt movement w/tilt lock
  • Seat height adjust

Duorest Leaders Office Chair DR-7500G is a deluxe desk chair with carefully selected materials, finished with master craftsmanship and designed for a comfortable, ergonomic, customizable fit. This deluxe office chair from Duorest has all the standard adjustments you’d expect: head rest height, seat height, tilt, armrest adjustment, and more. The unique DuoRest chair backrest style has adjustable height and width, letting the desk chair fit the user’s physique for a stable body posture. The tilt tension adjustment complements the backrest, with a variable angle that disperses the users’s weight to the back of chair and reduces the load on the cartilage between spinal discs. The Duorest Leaders Task Chair features a headrest with height adjustment that can be adjusted to fit the user’s physical structure, in order to minimize stress on the neck and maintain stable posture and comfort. It’s easy to adjust the head rest height of this Duorest Office Chair – just pull it with your hands. Users of the Duorest Leaders Office Chair can adjust the height of seat to match their height or the height of the desk. This wheeled office chair rests on soft-rolling urethane casters that make less noise and prevent cracks and damages to the floor. Whether it’s used as a home office chair, drafting chair or reception chair, the Duorest Leader Chair is a perfect seating choice when you want ergonomic comfort.

Duorest Chairs are designed to massage and support your back while you work, for all-day comfort. The Duorest DR-7500G Leaders Rolling Office Chair is part of a line of office chairs built by DBK Global, an international company manufacturing ergonomic furniture for over 40 years. Duoback Korea was founded by people with a strong commitment to integrity and doing the right thing – for you and your health. The Duoback motto is “Your comfort, our happiness”, a pledge that has become the foundation of the company, passed on from decade to decade. We are proud to offer a selection of the finest Duorest Chairs, ideal for home and office.

What Our Clients Say

Renovating our office with standing desks have changed our life. Being an engineer myself, I tested their products thoroughly and found them surpassing my expectations. 
Anup Panda – Seigwerk

Very unique product range. Height Adjustable Conference tables supplied by them are one of a kind and a showstopper in our new office
Renuka – Kasthuri Group

Their desks offer sleek design, excellent quality and value. They are the perfect fit for our growing startup! The Rubberwood tops are everyone’s favorite.
Vivek Phatak – Farfetch

The best height adjustable tables available in India. Of course they are expensive but then products are worth the price. Mr. Sanjay is very knowledgeable and detail oriented about his products.
Rajiv – Haldor Topsoe​





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