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Duorest D2.0
Modern Ergonomic Chair

Duorest D2 is a modern ergonomic chair that establishes a new industry standard for design and comfort. Designed in Germany and South Korea this ergonomic chair is masterfully conceived and obsessively engineered with particular emphasis on an inviting aesthetic and exceptional ergonomics.

An Ergonomic Chair Designed to Fit you Like a Glove

Available in 7 different fabric color options, 2 frame colors, and 2 types of seat pans, this ergonomic chair doesn’t make you compromise between exceptional ergonomics and visual appeal


Duorest 2.0W
From: 43,200
Modern White Ergonomic Chair Good old Duorest recipe now in a modern design with Synchronized self-adjusting tilt movement. With a...
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Duorest 2.0B
From: 39,300
Modern Black Ergonomic Chair Good old Duorest recipe now in a modern design with Synchronized self-adjusting tilt movement. With a...
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Duorest D2.0W Airo
From: 56,450
Modern Mesh Ergonomic Chair Good old Duorest recipe now in a modern design with Synchronized self-adjusting tilt movement. With a...
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Duorest D2.0B Airo
From: 49,750
Modern Mesh Ergonomic Chair Good old Duorest recipe now in a modern design with Synchronized self-adjusting tilt movement. With a...
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Crafted with German research and Korean design expertise.

Built with our unique 3D Dual Backrest System designed by German physicist Dr. Mathias Bruning, its backrest system offers unparalleled lumbar support for continuous comfort. With industry-leading 11-point adjustments this ergonomic chair, can be customized for users of varying height and build. 

Designed For Your Comfort

The office chair that redefines the relationship between you and your chair, while making it attainable for everyone. 

Ergonomic & Adjustable 3D Dual-Back

The backrest adjusts according to the user’s body type, and the two backrests actively follow the user’s changes in posture and tightly wrap the user’s back muscles to reduce the burden on the lower back.

Backrest Adjustment Dial

Open the center cover behind the Dual-back backrest and operate the adjustment dial to easily adjust the width and height of the backrest to suit the user’s body type.
  • You can adjust the height of the backrest in 7 steps by turning the adjustment handle in the center of the back of the chair. (Adjustment range: 65mm)
  • You can adjust the width of the backrest system by turning the adjustment knob at the back of the chair. (Adjustment range: 80mm)

Self-tension Tilt Reclining Mechanism

Maintain a comfortable posture as tilt angle tension is adjusted in proportion to the user’s load automatically, providing stable support in any position.

3-Way Adjustable Armrests

Adjust your armrests for height and width to suit your sitting height and task you’re working on and minimize the burden on the wrist and shoulder (adjustment range: 70mm)

Airo High Elasticity Soft Weave Mesh Seat Technology

The Airo series chair has excellent body pressure dissipation effect and breathability, providing comfort and freshness even after sitting for a long time. The leg supporter mounted on the front part of the mesh seat plate flexibly supports the popliteal area according to the user’s weight or sitting posture, maintaining comfort when sitting.

The Chair Behind the Brain.

Breathable, soft to the touch and designed for all day comfort. Our Ergonomic Chairs are designed to keep you seated comfortably, while accommodating and adapting to the user’s routine. The flexible Airo seat edge offers a bit of bend, right where you need it – relieving pressure points under your thighs.

Built For Superior Workspace Productivity

An active body is at its strongest when standing, chest open and pelvis tilted slightly forward. Our ergonomic Dual-Backrest System supports your back muscles to give you the same benefit while seated. Adjustable, individual pads provide lumbar support and stabilize the base of the spine for a more powerful seated posture.

Curved Path Headrest Adjustment

The Height and Angle of the headrest can be adjusted in curved trajectory to support the user even while working,

Backrest Protector

A scratch-resistant bumper was attached to solve problems such as scratches occurring over time on the backrest cover when using the Duorest products.

Reclining Tilt-Lock

Relax worry-free with tilt-lock reclining mechanism. After sitting on the chair, lower the control lever on the left side of the chair seat, push the backrest to one of the 3 lockable position with your back.

Adjustable Seat Depth

The user can quickly adjust the seat depth by pulling the lower left lever on the seat according to their physique, providing the optimal condition for the user’s body structure.

A Closer Look

Adjustable Headrest

  • Headrest accessory adjusts 80mm (3.2”) vertically.
  • Pivoting range:70°

Adjustable Backrest

  • Backrests allow fluid adjustment in two directions using Smart-Dial:
  • Height adjustment range: 65mm (2.6″)
  • Width adjustment range: 65mm (2.6″)

DUOREST® System 

  • Dual-Backrest System makes dynamic sitting by allowing freedom of movement in any position.
  • Dual-Backrest System reduces fatigue and alleviates back pains associated with long sitting.

Seat Slider 

  • Seat depth adjusts within a 55mm (2.2”) range to accommodate users of varying leg lengths.


  • Soft dual-wheel casters are 65mm O.D. for use on hard floors.


  • 27″ (688mm) Five-arm base

Weight-activated Synchronized Mechanism

  • Auto-Balance tension adjustment utilizes the weight of the user to balance resistance of the back.
  • 3:1 back to seat synchronous movement with 3 position tilt-lock.
  • Back reclines 18° from upright position.


  • Patented Airo Mesh Seat
  • Bio-mechanical frame with leg supporter


  • 3D arms allow fluid adjustment in three directions
  • Height adjustment range: 68mm (2.7″)
  • Front-to-back adjustment range: 40mm (1.6″)
  • Pivoting arm caps: 15° inward and 15° outward

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    An Ergonomic Chair with unmatchable back support system

    The materials used in this chair feel like they’re quality. The plastic is sturdy, solid, and doesn’t feel like it’s going to break or bend or anything like that. The fabric on the cushion and the seat backs is thin but doesn’t feel like it’s going to wear out anytime soon.This chair was pretty easy to assemble. Here are the pieces that you need to put together:-Casters-Air cylinder-Caster base-Seat base-Armrests-Seat backThe dual-back system is just amazing. It’s super comfortable and it REALLY flexes and adapts with you and to you. It sort of hugs your back and removes any pressure from your spine. And when you twist side to side or lean back, the sections pivot and twist with you. The backrest padding is thin but dense, it’s neither too firm nor too soft and provides just the right amount of support for your back. I am tall and skinny (6’1″ and 73kg) I think this just works perfectly for me.In this model, the headrest slides up in an arc. So when it’s at its lowest position, it’s further back from your head. When it’s in its highest position it’s closer to your head!! This is the game changer for me, as this allows me to sit straight in my chair and still have the headrest touching the back of my neck and giving my neck a little support. The adjustment mechanism works great and you can also change the angle of the headrest pad.It’s a great concept and it’s built well. The company really stands behind its product and has fantastic customer service.

    October 23, 2023
    Verified Review

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    Amazing Chair

    The chair has great adjustments and is very comfortable. The backrest system is amazing, and there’s plenty of adjustability to allow both comfortable lounging and ergonomic tasking.

    September 20, 2023
    Verified Review

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  • Avatar

    Mohit Anand

    Just Wow! Sitting once on it blew away all my doubts.

    Bought this chair online and got it delivered in Mumbai. The chair is everything you could ask for. I like the lumbar support and the various settings to adapt the chair to your morphology.

    December 4, 2023
    Verified Review

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    A Game-Changer in Support and Comfort

    I never believe in writing reviews because I feel that nothing has ever deserved that type of follow-up action, after all, the company already took my money. This is not the case here, this chair is a game-changer and I do feel the need to tell everyone how good it is. Hopefully, this review will make it less risky to buy this chair. I was stressed out looking for a good chair and decided to take a risk in buying the Duorest D2 Airo Chair and boy did it pay off.The dual backrest system provides so much comfort and support in any seating position. Lean left, lean right, lean back, lean forward, either way, this chair feels good at all angles. I have always dreamt of having a chair that hugs my back perfectly and with this chair I can experience that. The seat also provides perfect comfort, support, and breathability. There are plenty of adjustments to the seat that you can make to make it feel just right. Love the seat and the back. Especially their unique ergonomic backrest system, which is already helping with my back issues tremendously. Chair set up was extremely easy and the directions are easy to follow. Any tools that you need are included in the box which made it even easier.

    December 1, 2023
    Verified Review

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    Great chair, fast delivery, and extremely knowledgeable sales staff

    The chair is great, it is comfortable during a long workday. I was initially worried about the dual backrest system, but the back and lumbar support is sooo good, that I hate sitting on any other chair after 2 weeks of usage.Super comfortable and unique back support. I’ve chosen Orange Color and the Color is awesome too!

    November 22, 2023
    Verified Review

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