Why Ergosphere?

Standing Desks

Single frame delivery or a thousand employees? We design and produce tailor-made height adjustable standing desk solutions for everyone.

SLS 370 Table in Enviroment dwn
Actiforce Pro 470 SLS
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The Steelfoce Pro 470 SLS standing desk frames perfectly combine...
Actiforce Pro 371 SLS 90°
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L-Shape Height Adjustable Table The Steelfoce Pro 371 SLS standing...
Actiforce Pro 370 Workstation
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Height Adjustable Workstation Bench The Steelfoce Pro 370 SLS Bench...
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Standing Office Desk Bench Systems

Premium height-adjustable sit-stand desks and adjustable back to back workstation solutions for modern offices with open plan seating.

Actiforce Pro SLS370 SC
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Single Column Height Adjustable Table Introducing The Steelfoce Pro 370...
Actiforce Pro 375 SLS Conference
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Height Adjustable Conference Room Tables Introducing The Steelfoce Pro 375...
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Sit or Stand Meeting Tables

Make your meetings active by adding dynamism to your daily routine with Sit-stand desks systems.