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Designed for India, built by the engineers behind Uplift and Fully. Every Balanced product is envisioned to offer durability, comfort, and the latest workplace innovations that benefit our customers.


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adjustable height desks that
fits you in every way


Mix and Match Combinations

Your Desk, Made Your Way

Blending in is not an option.
Meet the first standing desk that you can build unlike any that has come before. Personalize. Customize. We make customized standing desk solutions accessible

Tailor-made for all sorts of businesses

In addition to our standard product lines we design and produce tailor-made height adjustable table solutions which are the outcome of co-creation with our customers. The skilled/expert sales team in your region can help you mould your sit stand desk wishes into a perfect product.
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Adjustable desk
for every room

Versatile and Flexible
Explore the most comprehensive collection of height adjustable tables and standing desks available in India

Adjustable Office Desks

Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks for Flexible Workspaces. Adapts to your daily routine at the press of a button, be it work from home or office

Office Systems

Make your workplace active by adding dynamism to your daily routine with Sit-stand desks systems designed to fit into CEO cabins, meeting rooms, conference rooms or open office plans.

Don't Settle.

Not Sure, about choosing us?
Have a look at how our standing desk and height adjustable table frames blows the competition out of the water

Ultra Quiet Heavy-duty Motors

50,000+ Cycles >45db Noise

Cutting-Edge Intelligent Electronics

Soft Stop and Start Overload Protection

Optional Bluetooth Connectivity

Track your sit-stand stats. Set Reminders to stand.

Advanced Gyroscopic Anti-collision Sensors

0.1W Standby Power Consumption

Award winning, intuitive control options

OLED Displays Advanced Controls

Haptics Assisted Standing Reminder

Multiple Intervals
Choice of vibrations

Height Adjustment

Set limits for minimum and maximum height of your table

Anti-collision Sensor Sensitivity Adjustment

Baby Proof your
Standing Desk

Child Lock Function
Locks your control pad

Class-Leading Weight Capacity

Frames with upto 200Kg Dynamic Load

Rock Solid

A wobble-free foundation for you to work on

Multiple Shape and Size Options for Tabletops

Custom Shapes and Sizes available for Solidwood

Tabletop Material

Sustainable Compactwood Boards
SolidWood - Teak & Rubberwood

Multiple Color

3 Frame Colors
5 CompactWood Colors
4 Polish Tints

Built for Strictest Quality Standards

BIFMA, TUV Rheinland, & UL GreenGaurd

5 Year Comprehensive Warranty

Customer Support with a Human touch

Intelligent Wire Management

Cable tray and Grommet Included free of cost

Personalized Support

Customer Support with a Human touch

Free Priority Shipping

No Lead time.
Dispatched Next Day

Installation Services

Available in Major Metro Cities


Adopt the Ergonomic Lifestyle
Not just desks, we make your homes ergonomic in all possible ways. Explore our comprehensive range of ergonomic solutions.

Why Believe us? Don't.

What Our Clients Say
Read what our largest clients have to say about our standing desks and services.

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    Gorgeous Round columns and amazing tabletop finish

    I’ve had it for nearly a week now and I’ve got nothing but positive things to say about it. Firstly, I think very few people talk about how well made the wood is for their desks and it honestly is a very nice feeling to come home after a long day of work where you just want to sit back and have a chill gaming/relaxing time. Secondly, it is a very smart desk in the sense that it has features to remind you if you have sat for too long which is very helpful to me cause I’m an athlete and I don’t want to just be sitting the whole day if not it’ll be bad for my back.

    February 23, 2022
    Verified Review

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    What I was looking out for.

    The desk feels really strong and sturdy. I like how high it can get. Only quibbles: the polish used for the solid wood has a strong paint odor for the first few days. It’s hard to hide the cords even if you buy the organizers, but I managed.

    April 4, 2022
    Verified Review

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    No Regrets. Go for the Solidwood. Amazing quality and finish

    So I have been spoiled working for top-notch organizations ever since 2015. That’s where I got introduced to my first stand-up desk.At that time, it was a novelty. No one had them or even heard of them. I thought about getting one for personal use but saw the price tag and realized that it was out of my league.Fast forward to 2022, being forced to work at home on a normal desk for an extended period was like working in a construction site with one leg and one arm tied behind your back. That’s when I realized it was time to finally make that investment in my sanity.Although the price is slightly higher than most, the 5-year warranty and personalized support from Sanjay, coupled with the gorgeous options to choose from made this a no-brainer for me. I finally pushed the checkout button.The assembly was simple and most of the tools needed were includedOnce put together, I knew I made the right decision. The quality matches exactly what you would expect from a premium brand. The desk worked perfectly and was much quieter than imagined.I know people can be a little turned off by the reviews that sound like this but rest assured, I would gladly buy this desk again without question. To my friends who need a stand-up desk, I’ll tell them that Ergosphere is the only way to go. This was by far one of the best purchases I made for myself, both personally and professionally. I will post pictures if needed but the desk is quite messy at the time. Hahaha.

    March 3, 2022
    Verified Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our FAQs are here 24/7 to clear those up

Sit stand office desks are adjustable and can be adapted to both seated and standing heights that are comfortable for a wide range of users.

There is no difference between these 3 terms. All point to height adjustable office desk which could be used for both sitting and standing. These desks can be adjusted for any height in between your sitting and standing position.

5 Years Comprehensive Warranty on all height adjustable desks. Extended warranties available on request

Yes, they do. There have been extensive studies that show that use of height adjustable desks can have positive effects on the users suffering from neck or back problems.

No. Shipping and Installation charges are included in the product cost

Delivery time depends upon the options chosen by you. Usually the product reaches the customer within 7 -14 days depending upon the customers location. we ship throughout India.

Yes, we do. we have partnership with good quality regular furniture companies throughout India.

Ergonomics (from the Greek word ergon meaning work, and nomoi meaning natural laws), is the science of refining the design of products to optimize them for human use. Ergonomics is sometimes known as human factors engineering.

Office desk are frequently the focus of ergonomic design. A great number of people use office desk for extended periods of time such as the typical work day. So, the office desk which is designed considering human posture in mind is called ergonomic desk. If this is poorly designed for human use, the person using them may suffer unnecessary fatigue, stress, and even injury.

As per the ergonomic posture requirements, the recommended tabletop height of your standing desk is such that your elbow is at right angle both while sitting or standing.

No. We serve both corporate (B2B) and retail (B2C) users of height adjustable desks

Request Warranty Repairs

Before filling out the form, please contact our tech team. They will help you diagnose the issue with your furniture and the parts required to resolve it. Then fill the form below with your order number and the name of the technician you connected with. We will ship the parts to you as recommended by our technician and get your furniture working back again in no time.

Schedule Tech Call for Self-Installation

Please fill the form below with your order number and preferred installation time. We will share your details with our senior technician, and he will connect with you on a WhatsApp video call and help you install the furniture.

Request On-Site Installation

Please fill the form below with your order number and preferred installation time. We will share your details with the technician available in your city and he will get in touch with you.

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