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About Us

At Ergosphere, we make it easy for you to build a beautiful workspace where everyone can feel and work their best.

Our Story

In 2016, our founder Sanjay discovered a problem—buying quality ergonomic furniture is a tremendous hassle.

After furnishing dozens of offices for himself, Sanjay realised an office furniture company falls into one of two categories: high quality, but expensive and slow, or affordable and fast but severely lacking in quality and long term reliability. There wasn’t an excellent option for individuals and teams who wanted to furnish an inspiring office without taking forever or breaking the bank.

When it comes to high-quality office furniture, the issue is middlemen. Buying from traditional furniture dealers means navigating unclear pricing, 8-10 week lead times, and markups up to 50%. Your space plan and furniture cannot adapt as your team grows: your furniture, your problem.

That’s why we founded Ergosphere: to make it easy for people and teams to build inspiring offices. We sell direct, so our collection costs half as much as premium furniture of comparable quality, and we design our products with your well-being and workday in mind. If you’re a team, we provide end-to-end service: space design, delivery, white-glove installation, even the ability to trade in used furniture when you move or grow. We believe it’s a better approach to the way we work today.

Our Purpose

Making work a little more enjoyable.

It’s simple, really. When you feel good while working, you’re able to do your best work. We aim to bring more joy into your day through an empathetic, ergonomic, and more sustainable approach to how we treat our body and mind while working.

Our Products

Designed for everyday, built for years to come.

We sell furniture that’s made to be used everyday, all day. We ensure the products we put out in the world actually stay out in the world; that means they are built to last, backed by industry-leading warranties, and adaptable to changing environments and needs.

Our Prices

Accessibility through a smarter supply chain.

We view fair prices as a necessity. We started by cutting out furniture dealers and selling directly to you, then prioritised an adaptable product lineup over endless customisations to help you save up to 50% compared to office furniture of comparable quality.

Our Commitment

We Care about how the world works.


We make easily serviceable furniture made out of recycled (and recyclable) materials and can be traded in as your team grows.


We set aside a portion of our revenue to donate to charitable bodies that share our ambition of making work better for everyone.

Get in Touch

We’d love to hear from you, whether you’re looking to join our team, partner with us, or just say hello. Send us a note, and we’ll get in touch.

Our Customer Reviews

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    Gorgeous Round columns and amazing tabletop finish

    I’ve had it for nearly a week now and I’ve got nothing but positive things to say about it. Firstly, I think very few people talk about how well made the wood is for their desks and it honestly is a very nice feeling to come home after a long day of work where you just want to sit back and have a chill gaming/relaxing time. Secondly, it is a very smart desk in the sense that it has features to remind you if you have sat for too long which is very helpful to me cause I’m an athlete and I don’t want to just be sitting the whole day if not it’ll be bad for my back.

    February 23, 2022
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    What I was looking out for.

    The desk feels really strong and sturdy. I like how high it can get. Only quibbles: the polish used for the solid wood has a strong paint odor for the first few days. It’s hard to hide the cords even if you buy the organizers, but I managed.

    April 4, 2022
    Verified Review

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    No Regrets. Go for the Solidwood. Amazing quality and finish

    So I have been spoiled working for top-notch organizations ever since 2015. That’s where I got introduced to my first stand-up desk.At that time, it was a novelty. No one had them or even heard of them. I thought about getting one for personal use but saw the price tag and realized that it was out of my league.Fast forward to 2022, being forced to work at home on a normal desk for an extended period was like working in a construction site with one leg and one arm tied behind your back. That’s when I realized it was time to finally make that investment in my sanity.Although the price is slightly higher than most, the 5-year warranty and personalized support from Sanjay, coupled with the gorgeous options to choose from made this a no-brainer for me. I finally pushed the checkout button.The assembly was simple and most of the tools needed were includedOnce put together, I knew I made the right decision. The quality matches exactly what you would expect from a premium brand. The desk worked perfectly and was much quieter than imagined.I know people can be a little turned off by the reviews that sound like this but rest assured, I would gladly buy this desk again without question. To my friends who need a stand-up desk, I’ll tell them that Ergosphere is the only way to go. This was by far one of the best purchases I made for myself, both personally and professionally. I will post pictures if needed but the desk is quite messy at the time. Hahaha.

    March 3, 2022
    Verified Review

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