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Actiforce Pro 370 SLS – Solidwood

Height Adjustable Desk

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Actiforce Pro 370 SLS – Solidwood

Height Adjustable Desk

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Explore the most popular add-ons for our standing desks

Shopping for a team of 5 or more?

From planning to installation, let us help you build your office. Get a quote

Premium Ergonomics


Standing Desk Revolution

Office workers spend up to 8-9 hours of each workday sitting. This results in a whole host of serious problems such as Muscular problems, back issues, poor blood circulation, brittle bones, obesity, diabetes, heart disease; the list is just the beginning. So what’s the solution. It’s simple. By alternating between standing & sitting positions using a height adjustable table your employees can adjust their workstations to the height they are most comfortable with, achieving a level of workplace health, comfort, and productivity that is hard to achieve with conventional office furniture.


The Table Top

– 25mm thick finger-jointed Rubberwood board
– Melamine polished – Matte finish
– Antimicrobial surface protection
– Made in India

The Sit-stand frame

– Dual motors
– 120kg lifting capacity
– Frame height range: 72cm to 120cm (with 25mm thick top)
– Anti-collision system
– Integrated wire management system
– Travel speed: 39mm/sec
– Power consumption: 0.1W
– Adjustable leveling studs under feet
– 15-minute assembly


Solid wood has imperfections and irregularities that vary from one slab to another, such as knots and cracks. This trait is one of the many traits that give solid wood its character and uniqueness.

We fill in the holes and cracks that could impact the durability of your work surface to ensure it stays flat and stable over time (we may use wooden bow ties to prevent larger holes from increasing in size). However, we do not fill shallow cracks or holes that don’t have such an impact for ecological reasons. We also don’t fill holes or gaps under the work surface to keep the wood in its natural state as much as possible and to avoid wasting materials.

Make sure to keep a constant temperature and humidity level, ideally between 18 and 21 ° C and between 45 and 55% for the humidity level. Variations may put your wood top under stress, which may result in cracks and curves.

The Sit-stand frame
– BIFMA certified
– RoHS (EU) certified
– UL certified

Comprehensive 5-year warranty.

The 5-year warranty includes every component of your standing desk frame, structure, mechanicals, and electronics for total peace of mind. Learn more about our warranties

Free shipping and handling with our satisfaction guarantee. 

Lead time
Our desks ship from our Gurgaon fulfillment center in 1-3 business days following the order. Learn more about our lead times

Installation services
Offered in Major metropolitan Indian cities like New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad

Just specifications don't tell you the full story, because

Not all Standing Desks are built equal

Ultra Quiet Heavy-duty Bosch Motors

The high-End Dual motors system in our standing tables achieve an average speed of over 39mm per second. With a 120kg dynamic lifting capacity, there is more than enough lifting power for most office setups. Coupled with less than 45db of noise emitted while in use, it makes our desk perfect for home use too.​

Class Leading Electronics by LogicData

Control electronics are the link between actuators, motors and user controls used to administer their adjustment. Advanced Electronics by LogicData help ensure movement in applications is smooth, safe, low-energy, low-noise and very easy.​

Susntainable Powder coating by AkzoNobel

All frames are powder coated with an extra durable finish by the world's oldest pioneers of powder coating. The sustainable powder coating lasts for a lifetime while taking care of the environment.

State-of-art lifting units from Ketterer, germany

The double stroke synchronized telescopic spindle gear system provides a smoother and quieter lifting motion. For the past 25 years, Ketterer has been making height adjustment mechanisms for office systems, so you can rest assured your desks spindle gear system is a leader in dependability and durability.

SolidWood Tabletops

Rubberwood, available in 2 polish tints


A unique handmade standing desk tabletop made of seasoned wood species. Merge well-being and productivity with sophistication. Designed to adapt to your needs and your décor seamlessly.

* Tabletop colors may differ slightly based on your monitor’s color calibration settings.

Height Adjustable Table Frame

Height adjustable table frame is the foundation of your standing desk and it’s important to have a sturdy and strong frame. At Actiforce, we have combined German engineering with Dutch and Danish design to provide the end-users with the superior ergonomics afforded by standing desks, ensuring that each desk frame is tested for its durability and sturdiness. The Steelforce Pro 370 SLS standing desk frame has a lifting capacity of 120kgs and is available in three colors – Grey, Black, and White.

Our standing desk lift mechanisms are the most advanced in the world and include a strong steel design, quiet operation, and precise movement. Each frame is adjustable for width and comes equipped with an anti-collision sensor giving you flexibility and peace of mind with your sit-stand desk. With more than 15 years of proven durability and more than 12 million frames delivered, the Actiforce height adjustable table frames are expertly machined with dependable Bosch motors and cutting edge electronics.

Seamless Control

We carry different control options to help you get the most out of your standing desk. Ranging from simple 2 button controllers to advanced motion control with Bluetooth and smartphone sync, all our remotes have sleek, modern designs, with simple user interfaces. The advantage of an advanced keypad is not just its programmable memory buttons for height, but also its limiting feature which allows you to set the upper and lower height limits for your height adjustable table, to ensure that it doesn’t bump into anything above or below it.
Choose the standing desk control that is right for you and experience a smooth and convenient way to control your desk with the touch of a button.

Frequently asked questions

The installation is fairly simple and takes on average 15 minutes for someone with no experience installing sit/stand desks. However, we do suggest being two during the installation as the frame and the worksurface are heavy. Each desk comes with an installation guide.

The wire management kit includes lockable clips to fix loose cables directly under the desk and in between the adjustable frame’s brackets. 

We also include a complimentary cable tray with all of our desk orders for managing power strip and peripheral power cables.

Yes, we do. Production delays for custom orders are 6 to 8 days. Send us an email at sales@ergosphere.in if you’d like a custom size and we’ll get back to you with a quote within 12 hours.


Get Comfortable with Ergosphere

Ergosphere takes care of office furniture so you can build your business. With white glove installation, space planning and flexibility included—and wholesale prices that save you money on premium products—we’re the modern way for growing teams to furnish office space.

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    Amazing! Unmatchable comfort and ergonomics

    A couple of weeks ago, I got the Actiforce SLS370 Solidwood desk and Duorest 2.0 chair from Ergosphere.The desk has a modern, elegant and straightforward design. The chair is so comfortable and of good quality.Setting up predetermined heights, one for sitting and another for standing up, was super easy and intuitive.I found out that I could divide my office day into four parts. I start standing up for around two hours in the morning, then switch to sitting for two hours. I follow the same pattern in the afternoon. Having the predetermined heights makes it so easy; on top of that, the mechanism is so quiet that I can even switch heights during a meeting without switching to mute or apologising for the noise! It usually works great, but I found out that staying tuned with my body is very important, so there are days that I switch between standing and sitting more often.In March 2020, I bought this desk for my home. Just before the social distancing measures took place, let me tell you, it has been an incredible tool and has made the mandatory WFH much easier.Last but not least, I want to thank Sanjay, who was so kind and great to receive me at the showroom. He took the time and explained everything I needed to know to select the correct product and helped me choose the colours for the chair.The ergosphere team which came to install the product at my home was also very professional. They skillfully managed the cables and demoed different features of both the desk and chair to me.

    April 15, 2020
    Verified Review

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