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Top 5 Standing Desk Mistakes to Avoid

Research has proven that reducing sedentary time can improve physical, metabolic, and even mental health. This is the reason why a lifestyle change towards sitting less and standing more is needed.

As people begin to realize the benefits of standing as opposed to sitting all day, standing desks are popping up in offices all around the world. However, after deciding to purchase a standing desk of your own, here are a few common mistakes you’ll want to avoid to ensure you are sitting and standing the correct way.

Is standing healthy?

Simply stated, the human body is not suited to being in a sitting position for long hours. In the standing vs sitting debate, this much is obvious. But, how can we prove that standing is better than sitting? If sitting has to be directly compared to standing, standing has quite a few health benefits that seem to give it an edge over sitting. Some of these benefits include:
● Reduced risk of weight gain and obesity
● Lower risk of incurring heart diseases
● Lower risk of type 2 diabetes along with other metabolic diseases
● Reduced long-term mortality risk
● Better posture
Sitting all day in the same position puts you at some level of health risk. So, the idea is to understand the importance of standing and embrace it as a part of your routine.

How to use a standing desk

Anything in excess is harmful to us. Hence, if sitting for longer durations is not good for the body, standing for long hours is just as bad. The idea is to keep your body’s flexibility in check, which can only be possible if there is constant movement. So, what should be done to avoid the most common pitfalls associated with standing desks?
The key to effectively utilizing your standing desk is maintaining the correct posture. Standing upright is essential and wrists should be positioned correctly. Feet should be placed firmly on the floor and looking down too often should be avoided.

Common mistakes to avoid when using a standing desk

Desk too high or too low

Investing in the wrong level standing desk can prove to be a catastrophe. It comes with numerous expenses that you would want to avoid, such as a high return fee. Also, the loss of productivity will surely break the deal. The right height of the standing desk should be estimated as per the space in which it will be placed. Working comfortably should always be a priority, rather than just fitting in a standing desk.

How high should your computer monitor be?

Another mistake you should avoid is improper positioning of your computer screen or monitor. This might cause you to deal with extreme upper back and neck pain, and will also create issues in your arms.
To avoid medical issues arising due to a mispositioned computer screen, the screen should be placed at a level where the eyes can see comfortably. Also, the arms and wrists should not be forgotten about. They should also be properly supported to work comfortably.

Quality Accessories for standing desk

Accessories can make or break your overall ergonomic experience. Desk accessories like CPU holders, cable management, and monitor arms are sure to make working more convenient at your standing desk. Investing in good quality accessories is just as important as investing in a good standing desk.

Standing desk shoes

Because you will be standing at your work desk for hours, wearing comfortable footwear will be of utmost importance. Too restrictive shoes or shoes with high heels should be avoided as these might ruin your posture. This can also result in extreme stress on your back, legs, and feet.

Despite having a series of benefits for the human body, it is important to follow the correct approach to reap the benefits of your standing desk. Now that you are equipped with these tips, you are ready to invest in your first standing desk.

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